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Melodic dark metal from Belgium

Fragmentum is founded by Jan and Gunnar accompanied on stage by Wouter (drums) and Ozzy (bass) and sounds like a Depeche Mode meets In Flames hybrid as a journalist once described.

Melodies, synths and ambient sounds combined with a heavy and groove riff foundation.  You can experience these in their most recent creation "The Cougar", digitally available as of July 15th.

In August 2022, a new approach in our music journey was embraced by unveiling "Quirigua Successors" as a single, deviating from our conventional practice of releasing full albums.

The full concept album "Masters Of Perplexity" was released in 2021and presented live on a short European Tour in East Europe. It deals with the Mayan history and philosophy and songs get more meaning listened through chronologically.

In 2019 the first full length album "Pugnacity" came out establishing Fragmentum’s fundaments being a little more straightforward then before. Songs mainly deal with the inner struggle people sometimes end up with.

Fragmentum also took the opportunity to tour with bands like Children of Bodom, Swallow the Sun, Wolfheart, Soulfly and Annihilator

Vocals - Guitars

Jan Bruggeman

Guitars - Vocals

Gunnar Nopens

Bass Guitar

Jeroen Van Wauwe

Live Drums

Wouter Macare


Date Venue Location Ticket
September 23 AD Fundum Kortrijk/BELGIUM Tickets
September 23 De Non Hasselt/Belgium Tickets


Single and all music albums we released between 2019 and 2023!


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Quirigua Successors

Quirigua Successors release date 05 August 2022

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Origination Of mankind

Scheduled release date 16 April 2021. Stay Freaked!

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Pugnacity - Lyric video

Explore Fragmentum's debut melodic death-doom metal masterpiece

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Are you the Freak?

Fragmentum is looking for freaky musicians that want to join the band.

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Top secret Fragmentum

Confidential ... Classified ... Did you know this? ... Leak ... Fragmentum ...

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Masters Of Perplexity

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