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Losing the Balance


What’s the difference between you and me

Can you hear the silence

Who’s drawing the lines all over

Can you read in between

I can’t still have fate in all this

Who’s manipulating who

Suddenly all values going down

There’s nothing I can do


Losing the balance, my conscience isn’t clean

Losing the balance, the deficiency unforseen

Losing the balance, am I right or wrong

Losing the balance, who’s that vicious tongue

Who’s next falling away from me

Incapable to change anything

It’s cracking me inside, leaving me numb

My soul is fading away

The flesh is weak and so is the mind

What am I leaving behind

My acuity is now far below

Everything is feeling so cold

This is a dream or am I dying

I’m not sure

This is a nightmare during too long

Will I ever wake up

Losing the balance or a total blackout

Still no point of light

The end of the tunnel might be near

But anything isn’t clear

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