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Interview with The Cosmick View

"Playing in very beautiful big venues in big cities for a lot of people is like a gift from the gods! We enjoyed so much, can’t wait to do another tour." - Jan on our recent tour with Children Of Bodom throughout the USA.

CosmickView: What's next for Fragmentum?

"Doing this interview is one of our steps we take seriously to build up our image. Fragmentum is unknown for lot’s of people, but that needs to change! I want to thank you guys from THE COSMICK VIEW for having us to talk opens some doors again and that’s what we need! Beside focusing on gigs, we want to play... we’re hard working on having our band completed with a bass player, so check our website for the latest news on that. Of course we think a little further and are already writing some new material and building up ideas for the next album!"

Read the full interview with The Cosmick View at ➡️

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