Feature: HeavyHaven.com

Big thanks to Heavy Haven for taking the time to chat over #Pugnacity, and what we as Fragmentum have planned for the future.

Take a read at ➡️ www.heavyhaven.com/issue-2…/hello-from-the-gutter-fragmentum Pugnacity ➡️ www.fragmentum.zone

"2019 has been a pretty big year for these guys, having solidified their lineup, touring with Children Of Bodom in America this past April and releasing their debut in May, Pugnacity, an 11 track full length album. Plus, Fragmentum are all set to share the stage with Canadian thrashers Annihilator in October. Though they’ve just begun dipping their toes in the water, they are already making big waves. Remaining hard working, dedicated and mindful to their art, Fragmentum have started putting together ideas for their next album, which I am personally very much looking forward to." - Heavy Haven

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