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Masters of Perplexity Song Titles

All Masters of Perplexity songs received their proper titles. Here are some of them: Feast of the Flesh, Clash of the Clans, Prophecy of the Infinite.


Also the lyrics of all 12 songs are finalized. As you know the main Theme is Maya and the songs handle themes like sacrificing, calendars, the future, visions, ghosts, clans, the afterlife, tricks, secrets, gods, ...


We are now in the second phase of guitar and vocal recordings. We are more or less on schedule but we take our time for some details to make the record sound the way we want.This means recording riffs a few times in different ways to find out what feels best for the song.


Freak of the Month: Ingmar Nopens

Thank you so much for your loyalty, engagement and supporting us over the years. Not only by distributing our music but also for coming to US and France to watch us perform live.

You are an amazing Fragmentum Freak!

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