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Fragmentum Clan Tattoo Challenge

As a clan member you are automatically a candidate to become "Freak of the Month". Every Freak of the Month gets the possibility to draw a tattoo on Jan's arm which will be digitalised.

Every year there is a contest and a winning tattoo is chosen by Fragmentum and the clan members. The winner will get rare/VIP material or another Fragmentum reward.

If you did not claim your clan yet, do so via


Audio Fragments Contest - Challenge your ears and win a Fragmentum Package freaked for you! There are more fragments to come.

Check our website(link) in the coming weeks for more info about the contest.


The album artwork is in its final stage and we will release some teasers soon ...


Freak of the Month: Armand Thiébaut

Thank you so much for supporting us by wearing our merch, attending our shows and meetings.

You are an amazing Fragmentum Freak!

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